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Indian Institute of Building Designers Association

Indian Institute of Building Designers Association (Est. 2004) registered under the Society Act XXI of 1860,

Aims and Objects of Indian Institute of Building Designers Association
The aims and objects for which the Indian Institute of Building Design (hereinafter called ‘‘IIBD’’) is hereby constituted are:

1. To provide technical guidance free of charge for rural lower income group.
2. To provide technical support free of cost for the construction of Non-Profitable Public parks, Traffic outpost, traffic islands, charitable inns, religious places etc.
3. To provide General Awareness free of charge to the public about all types of the building construction by using the media of mass communication.
4. To establish construction workers/building designers relief fund to assist their family in case of their accidental death/permanent disabilities during construction/design works.
5. To motivate the construction workers/building designers in opening of their public provident fund accounts for the welfare of workers.
6. To motivate the construction workers/building designers for taking accidental
/public liabilities accidental policies for the welfare of workers.
7. To assist in creating a better pollution free environment such as plantation etc.
8. To encourage Building Designers to serve the needs of the society and to pursue careers as Building Designers for the benefit of the society.
9. To promote advancement of education of building design technology in the country.
10. To promote the practice of continuing education and training to upgrade the quality of building design professionals.
11. To encourage inventions, investigations and research; and promote their applications for development of the national economy.
12. To establish Common “scale of charges” for professional/consulting building designers adoption and to evolve the strategy for its enforcement.
13. To promote steps to attract bright persons of the younger generation to the building design profession.
14. To establish a common “Code of Ethics” for professional/consulting building designers adoption and to evolve the strategy for its enforcement.
15. To interact with the Government at State and Central levels and help adoption of policies for betterment of the building design profession.
16. To represent building designers and building design professionals at National and International levels.
17. To identify and encourage the implementation of best practices for the development and assessment of building designers intending to practice as professionals in domestic as markets.
18. To network and cooperate with other such international bodies/for a who are engaged in similar activities.
19. To distribute books, journals, bulletins, newsletters, bibliographies or any other publications.
20. To utilize the media of mass communication – press, radio, television etc, wherearticles, news-items, talks and lectures, quizzes etc. could be the means of Communication.
21. To arrange special programmes for students so as to promote the establishmentof student cadres.
22. To conduct examination: In Future the society may conduct examination of Stage-I and stage-II related to Building Design courses as mentioned in Appendix –A independently or with the help of any other professional Institution/University after all legal formalities with prior approval of Govt. Dept.
23. To Organize training, seminars, workshops, symposia, lectures, debates, panel discussions, conferences and audio-visual shows as a mode of professional Interaction on technological and applied aspects of BUILDING DESIGN and Allied disciplines.


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