Executive Committee

IIBD Executive Committee


Ar. Engr. Ambarish Srivastava

F. IIBD.,  A. M. ASCE (USA),  A. M. AEI.,  A. M. SEI.,  SDST(IIT-K),  SDB.(IIT-K),  SESB.(IIT-K),  SDMB.(IIT-K), D. C. E., M. IRC.,  M. IBC.,  M. IIBE., M. QCFI.  Awarded Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award (National Award) for outstanding services, achievements and contributions in 2007

Vice president in Charge

Er. Anil Verma

F. IIBD. D. C. E.

Jr. Vice President

Er. Anupam Kumar Srivastava

F. IIBD. D. C. E., (SDST. IIT-K)

Gen. Secretary

Er. Saiyad Murtaza H. Rizvi

F. IIBD., B. Tech.


Er. Akhilesh Srivastava

M. IIBD., D. C. E.

Joint Secretary

Bldg. Dgnr. Umesh P. Srivastava


Joint Secretary (Second)

Bldg. Dgnr. Desh Deepak Srivastava


Member Executive Committee

Bldg. Dgnr. Md. Rehan Sayeed Khan

A. IIBD. ,  A.T.I. (Cad Design)

Sitapur Chapter Chairman

Er. Anil Verma

F. IIBD. D. C. E.


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